SDG-Winter School 2018

Theme: Making SDGs a reality


The SDG4UNiS is a project which seeks to actively engage the universities; directly through research and teaching of SDGs and indirectly through dialogue between the North and South to harmonize the different perspectives towards the realization of the SDGs.

It is evident that the SDGs address some of the biggest challenges the world is facing today. They emphasize the interlinkages among the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development, as well as between the various stakeholders.


As one of the stakeholders, universities occupy a unique position in society and therefore have a critical role to play towards the achievement of the SDGs. Thus great benefits are realized from engaging with them. Universities can also offer a unique platform for dialogue in order to address the social dilemma between the global north and south.


Specific Objectives:

  • To encourage, support and promote the teaching of SDGs and innovations for sustainable development solutions as a topic within the universities.
  •   To advocate for national and international support for a full spectrum of research approaches needed to address the SDGs.
  • To initiate and facilitate North-South, South-South and cross-sectoral dialogue and action on SDG implementation.

Target Groups

Students, Academia, and researchers with interest in sustainable development


Timelines and Scope:

SDG4UNiS is set to run from 2018 – 2021. The project will focus on all the 17 Sustainable development goals. However, this will be achieved through the implementation of two semi-annual projects: The SDG4UNiS Winter School and SDG4UNiS Summer School. Relevant themes will be developed each year under each of the Semi-annual projects.


SDG-Winter School 2018

Theme: Innovations through BRAIN-GAIN – The SDGs and the Next Generation.


The SDG Winter School 2018 is part of the SDG4UNiS project. It is the first SDG-Winter School for Universities and Institutions of higher learning regarding the Role of Students and Graduates in the Implementation of the Agenda 2030 in a North-South and South-South Dialogue.


SDG Winter School 2018 Components;

  • BRAIN-GAIN Conference
  • BRAIN-GAIN Awards for Innovation- Official launching
  • Exhibitions

The BRAIN-GAIN Conference aims at:

  • Bringing a southern perspective of the SDGs to light, enhancing dialogue and discourse on the way forward
  • Creation of networking opportunities while building Synergies among allied professionals undertaking projects towards the realization of the SDGs
  • Identifying individual ways and alternative means through which each can contribute to the realization of the SDGs in the day-to-day lives

The BRAIN-GAIN Awards for Innovation aims at;

  • Identifying, selecting, showcasing and rewarding experts and especially from the global South, who have acquired knowledge and skills in the North (Germany) and are drawing on them in developing their home countries through their innovative ideas.

Other Activities

  • SDG 11: Sustainable and Inclusive Communities: Prof. C. Günther, A. Plümmer, FRUAS, Frankfurt

Simulation of Barrier-Free Environments

  • WEEK OF LINKS; University of Tubingen: Amelie Schonhaar

Student Initiative for Sustainable Development

  • Exhibition: Afro-Mobitecture: KNUST Students: Dr. Marful, Dr. Duah